About Metanoia Press

About Metanoia Press

Metanoia Press hereby sprouts in the cracks of the sidewalk of contemporary thought and ecosystemic distress. Out of the interweb ad space we blow our kazoo, give consensus reality the bird, and dive within.

With our ears and minds thus mobiused, the cracks have already begun to speak: Let’s be honest: the planet has gotten both very weird and very shallow at the same time. We sometimes feel collectively helpless and alarmed before the sheer variety and complexity of the problems we appear to face and the poverty of our ideas about them.

Do “weird”, “helpless” and “shallow” map the triple helical semantic field about which this kinked singularity of media politics, distressed ecosystemic signaling and odd pandemic novelty now coils?

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Metanoia Press gurgles giggling out of this primal, primate planetary growth and whispers, caresses, declares, manifests “Noosphere!” under the influence of Aurobindo, Margulis, Teilhard, Jean Klein, Margery Kempe, Swami Blahblahananda, Maria Sabina, Timothy Leary, Cora Evans, Dave Chappelle, Philip K. Dick, Yeshe Tsogyal, Gary Weber… Weird, shallow, helpless: We in this 2getha! Time to evolve! Earthrise, fool! Mirth wise, fool!

And if we fools are all in this evolutionary cosmic pandemic shazaam 2getha, we are also all unmistakably of one mind. Billions recognize in a flash: “Humanity has gone bonkers. Reality is zany. Planet is on brink.” But within this brinksmanship just mayhaps Beatle George Harrison put it best in Yellow Submarine: “It’s all in me head.” Metanoia Press is all about getting out of our collective heads, discovering the mad expanses of the heart, seeing the earth, and learning to grow and glow. Metanoia Press groks your mind. Grok it back, please!

Branding Metanoia or, Beware Totemic Attention Sink ⇒⇒⇒