Branding Metanoia or, Beware Totemic Attention Sink

Branding Metanoia or, Beware Totemic Attention Sink

One of the metanoias that happened and enabled Metanoia Press to happen was: If we don’t do it, nobody else will. If Dischord Records hadn’t  happened, neither would Minor Threat? The sheer radical voting for joy that is Metanoia Press relies, like other DIY traditions, on a network of friends and frenemies who resonate with whatever it is that is happening. And what is happening is Metanoia.

Metanoia betokens both a press and a brand. As a press, it emerges out of the translation of the King James Bible, where once upon a time the Greek word “metanoia” was translated as “repent”?! Now Metanoia, the gnostic self knowing Greek scholars among us will tell you, is much closer to “become bedazzled by your own inner light” than it is to “become suffused with regret and look for external validation from an institution or authority figure!” True, the ego death that enables the beholding of that light means that we must lose our selves to find our Selves,  and that way The Work lies, natch, but metanoia resonates at least as much with the Sanskrit word “ananda” or the ecstatic bliss of divine homecoming than it does with regret, anxiety and loss. The shadow is “merely” the blockage of the light. No wonder mail order Zen Master Alfred Pulyan dubbed the ego  “The penny that blots out the sun.”

The Perennial Philosophy harbors diverse and sundry practices for letting the penny drop. As a press, Metanoia is about assembling, curating, loving, honoring and circulating ways – all available means – for experiencing metanoia or what  Richard Maurice Bucke dubbed “cosmic consciousness.”

Clearly, Metanoia likes links. But the haptic and immersive experiences enabled by books seem awfully good habitats 4 metanoia. Check it and see! We have allies in all directions, ready to help us as we tune into metanoia on our own necessarily unique and individuated journey of a wavelength. We seek the writers and artists and zany thinkers who dare to think global metanoia at a time of darkness. We lovingly summon kooky anamnesis. We herald  healing global gnosis. Somebody’d better!

This might sound like yet another call to activate the planetary love chakra, and it is, but as a brand, Metanoia truly manifests and is grokked in fullness when we tarry with the Shadow: What is it that we might find it hardest to love, right Now? For many of us, the idea of branding the  evolutionary transformation of self referential consciousness by itself smacks of one of the nastier Philip K. Dick scenarios where Simulation Wins At a Crawl. McMindfulness 2.0 – This Time It’s Evolutionary.  It’s sitting for tea with the devil: Authentic experience becomes packaged and sold back to you, brought to you by Aetna and corporate productivity mandates. You too can manifest cosmic consciousness and generate more wealth inside of your own video game about yourself! In short, we all get to be Kardashians!

But brands are on the same meaning and emotion fractal as totems and tokens. They are, to gratefully borrow Philip K. Dick’s language, “living information.” To live, living information – artificial life, the Kardashians, that cardinal, some memecoin – feasts on attention, and Metanoia is pointing that attention at itself: The Metanoia brand is a self boot strapping attention sink for global introception and noospheric evolution through the totemic branding of the ouroboros as a collective festival of self inquiry. Again, somebody’d better!