• On Shiva-Kali and SpaceTimeDeath

    On Shiva-Kali and SpaceTimeDeath

    by Vidur Mishra (Artist Vrindavan Das “Kala-Kali”) They say today is Valentine’s day. Let us talk about the wildest couple in all of Space and Time. Shiva and Kali. Why is Kali stepping on Shiva? You can read the story behind this somewhere else. I want to talk about something more profound in the symbolism. Shiva is pure, powerful potential. Shiva is Raw. Kali is that Shakti (energy/power) that drives and differentiates Shiva into countless physical manifestations. But, Kali is not just some feeble energy. Kali is powerful, wild, and dynamic. Kali is Time—a feminine kind of Time. A kind of Time that can be a double-edged sword. Depending on the mood, she can be either madly creative or utterly destructive. She is full of anomalies. She is a little moody, a little impulsive, a little unpredictable. When she gets creatively generous, manifolds fold upon manifolds, and you get Nature. You get countless lifeforms nested within each other. You get an endless web of celestial bodies and strange living organisms. And she drives them and flows through them as living Time. When she gets deadly, Time explodes. Read more…

  • Press Release: A book written “to all those called to work with Sacred Plant Medicines

    Press Release: A book written “to all those called to work with Sacred Plant Medicines

    To all those called to work with sacred Plant Medicines: PRESS RELEASE: 9 FEBRUARY 2021— Metanoia Press announces the upcoming publication of Tina “Kat” Courtney’s ” first book in her series Plant Medicine Mystery School Volume 1: The Superhero Healing Powers of Psychotropic Plants. Release is expected in the Spring of 2021. Stay tuned! We are the warriors of the heart and the children of the Earth, vibrating in the awareness that the only path to salvation is the one anchored to healing and love. We live in a world where the spirits of sacred plants like Mushrooms, Huachuma/San Pedro, Cannabis, Iboga, and Ayahuasca are finally receiving the respect and attention they have always deserved. And while the continued legalization and decriminalization of these medicines is oh-so wonderful, it’s equally necessary that we learn to work with these powerhouse plants in safety and reverence. This is no easy task, given the potency and complexity of each unique plant being. Read more…

  • Metanoia Press announces a book about Xxenogenesis and his hypnotic cult album, SeXxenogenesis #1 (1973)

    Metanoia Press announces a book about Xxenogenesis and his hypnotic cult album, SeXxenogenesis #1 (1973)

    Metanoia Press announces that it has signed contracts today with Scott Michaelsen (Michigan State University) and Louis Kaplan (University of Toronto) to publish the first-ever book about the mysterious figure known only as “Xxenogenesis,” the creator of a rare spoken word album called SeXxenogenesis #1 (private press, 1973). Copies of this gorgeous, gatefold psychonautic adventure are quite scarce, often trading for upwards of $100 in collectors’ circles, and a small cult of devoted listeners has developed over the years that includes DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba! fame, “Station Manager Ken” at WFMU radio, Los Angeles artist Astral Eyes, Nora Keyes of Fancy Space People, and Germs drummer and author Don Bolles. Read more…

  • On Shiva, the SourcePotential

    On Shiva, the SourcePotential

    In yogic-tantric tradition when we utter the sound “Shi-va,” we are referring to two matters. One is the Man, the Guru (Teacher). Read more…

  • Krishna, Karma, and Bhakti

    Krishna, Karma, and Bhakti

    by Vidur Mishra Happy (Belated) Janmashtami! Krishna. Ahh! As Sadhguru said, “Krishna is the most colorful incarnation – an irrepressible child, an irresistible lover, a truly valiant warrior, an astute statesman, and a yogi of the highest order.” Indeed, Krishna is a Yogi of the highest order. Since his very breathtaking birth that blissed-out the nature itself, he always abided in the state of Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja Samadhi is a state of spontaneous, effortless, choiceless, thoughtless, “I”-less awareness. A Yogi who abides in Sahaja Samadhi doesn’t require any effort-based meditative practice. Whether he sits in meditation or not, it doesn’t matter; he is always in touch with the light of primordial consciousness. The greatest sages, monks, and yogis bestowed him with the title of Yogeshwara (Lord of Yoga) — a title given to the rarest of rare Yogis — a title of Shiva the Adiyogi (First Yogi). Krishna was totally involved with every moment of life yet completely untouched by the process (happenings) of life. Never thought of the past. Never thought of the future. He was always with Now. He was Now. He is Now. He just kept moving forward, totally unfettered by the walk of life. Read more…

  • A Spiritual Bypass  Not Taken

    A Spiritual Bypass Not Taken

    Imbibing the modern day version of “us versus them” tempts us. Read more…