• Krishna, Karma, and Bhakti

    Krishna, Karma, and Bhakti

    by Vidur Mishra Happy (Belated) Janmashtami! Krishna. Ahh! As Sadhguru said, “Krishna is the most colorful incarnation – an irrepressible child, an irresistible lover, a truly valiant warrior, an astute statesman, and a yogi of the highest order.” Indeed, Krishna is a Yogi of the highest order. Since his very breathtaking birth that blissed-out the nature itself, he always abided in the state of Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja Samadhi is a state of spontaneous, effortless, choiceless, thoughtless, “I”-less awareness. A Yogi who abides in Sahaja Samadhi doesn’t require any effort-based meditative practice. Whether he sits in meditation or not, it doesn’t matter; he is always in touch with the light of primordial consciousness. The greatest sages, monks, and yogis bestowed him with the title of Yogeshwara (Lord of Yoga) — a title given to the rarest of rare Yogis — a title of Shiva the Adiyogi (First Yogi). Krishna was totally involved with every moment of life yet completely untouched by the process (happenings) of life. Never thought of the past. Never thought of the future. He was always with Now. He was Now. He is Now. He just kept moving forward, totally unfettered by the walk of life. Read more…

  • A Spiritual Bypass  Not Taken

    A Spiritual Bypass Not Taken

    Imbibing the modern day version of “us versus them” tempts us. We are being served a glass on the daily, but this bitter concoction is anything but medicinal. So what is the real divisive issue here, this neighbor against neighbor? Is it masks, race, politics, freedom, the quickening doom of our inevitable annihilation into the great unknown someday, or perhaps very very soon? “Us against them” has never been an issue of morals, and has always been the difficulty we have in building bridges between our own disparate internal parts. Read more…