• On Shiva-Kali and SpaceTimeDeath

    On Shiva-Kali and SpaceTimeDeath

    by Vidur Mishra (Artist Vrindavan Das “Kala-Kali”) They say today is Valentine’s day. Let us talk about the wildest couple in all of Space and Time. Shiva and Kali. Why is Kali stepping on Shiva? You can read the story behind this somewhere else. I want to talk about something more profound in the symbolism. Shiva is pure, powerful potential. Shiva is Raw. Kali is that Shakti (energy/power) that drives and differentiates Shiva into countless physical manifestations. But, Kali is not just some feeble energy. Kali is powerful, wild, and dynamic. Kali is Time—a feminine kind of Time. A kind of Time that can be a double-edged sword. Depending on the mood, she can be either madly creative or utterly destructive. She is full of anomalies. She is a little moody, a little impulsive, a little unpredictable. When she gets creatively generous, manifolds fold upon manifolds, and you get Nature. You get countless lifeforms nested within each other. You get an endless web of celestial bodies and strange living organisms. And she drives them and flows through them as living Time. When she gets deadly, Time explodes. Read more…

  • On Shiva, the SourcePotential

    On Shiva, the SourcePotential

    In yogic-tantric tradition when we utter the sound “Shi-va,” we are referring to two matters. One is the Man, the Guru (Teacher). Read more…