David B. Saint John

David B. Saint John

David B. Saint John David B. Saint John thought he knew how to explain what he was about, until he didn’t anymore. When words failed, sometimes grunts, scribbles, musical tones, smiles, winks, blinks, gobsmacked stares and frantic gestures were enough to get some message across. Maybe. Silence may have been a better option. Often a child at heart, (or was that just latent immaturity?) he had a fascination with crystals that persisted from youth. Some people seemed to be able to intuit things from the crystals, but he was not born with such a talent.

If provoked, he could make mouth noises about a variety of subjects including but not limited to: “heretical physics theories,” “mathematical manufacturing,” “sufficiently advanced technologies,” “Bio-energy emission,” and other phenomena loosely categorized under “weird science disguised as magic and woo.” He was starting to suspect that too much time spent thinking about that which transcends time and space might interfere with one’s own space-time experience. To each their own.

He would make lighthearted attempts to share strange or novel inspirational oddities, historical mind bogglers, comparisons between eastern and western internal alchemical traditions, and other existential and scientific anomalies with anyone willing to listen. It turns out that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In lieu of cosmic feedback received, he now attempts to listen more, keep his mouth shut, and play it cool so as to avoid further “taxation.” (The Universe has limited tolerance for spoilsportery, especially when it’s in the middle of telling a joke.)

Having blindly stumbled into the Chapel Perilous on several occasions and not rushing to push any particular ejector buttons, his approach presently involves becoming more thoughtful, careful, kind, respectful, and observant. Rumor has it that he was last seen abiding in Detroit, drawing strange symbols and chuckling to a flickering self-void almost incomprehensibly about how “Humanity still had a chance if noos pulled together to sort nooselves out,” sometimes while trying to breathe without breathing.

David’s first book, A Criminal’s Guide to the Chapel Perilous will be released on Amazon very soon. Stay tuned!