Rich Doyle & James RQ Clark Discussion Part #2

Rich Doyle & James RQ Clark Discussion Part #2

Behold, we present to you another recorded dialogue between Rich Doyle (Metanoia Press Editor) and author James RQ Clark. You are invited to join in the discussion below in the comments or directly on YouTube.

Below are some notes and references from their discussion.

For a good documentary on Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

At about 1.50 we talk about ‘bearing the beams of love.’ It’s actually from a poem by William Blake (The Little Black Boy) and Thomas Merton makes use of it. BTW he had a lifelong love of Blake (and even started looking into Blake for a PhD in his Columbia University days). See this article from the Merton Society on his love of Blake:

8.40 We discuss The Tibetan Book of the Dead (1994) – Narrated by Leonard Cohen is here:

49.10 St Joseph the Hesychast (nice little devotional movie about his life here):

56.40 For the dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus see the Gospel of St John:

59.00 Francis Thompson – documentary:

And finally because we mention him a good deal and he is one of the US’s (via New Zealand, France and England) great gifts to the world… Thomas Merton –

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