Interference Patterns and Metanoia (free ebook)

Interference Patterns and Metanoia (free ebook)

interference patterns

Inspired by a PSU seminar on William S. Burroughs that was only barely in this century, Benny Lau now transmits direct from Sri Lanka Interference Patterns, a free e-book chock full of nondual perennial software for your bobbing noggin’. Tune in, turn on, transform!

This Sufi poet ecologist made like a  beat maker crafting abstract hip hop beats woven like Kabir at his loom. With charged word, Interference Patterns emerges chopped and screwed out of screenshots of Lau’s Instagram feed. The genius of the Third Mind, clapping, transmits Sufi plant wisdom via Hildegard, and then some. This lattice work of eye candy and bardic light gnosis was all well-carved on a mid-range Samsung phone using the stock photo editor that came with it, so the tools were very limited but, Alhumdullilah, you’ll be gobsmacked with how it came out. Metanoia! Interference Patterns is all about metanoia, and Metanoia is all about Interference Patterns.

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  1. VM
    VM June 4, 2021 at 12:33 pm .

    Amazing! Wild visuals and rhymes.

  2. jØyce
    jØyce June 12, 2021 at 8:32 am .


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