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Tina 'Kat' CourtneyTina “Kat” Courtney, The AfterLife Coach, is a sacred plant guide, messenger, and devotee to organic altered spaces. Her wildly beautiful ride with plant medicine began in 2006, when she landed in the Peruvian jungle, seeking help with bipolar disorder, bouts of destructive depression, bulimia, alcoholism, and severe + chronic anxiety. Her first journey with Ayahuasca ignited in her the awareness that despite what doctors had told her, she could in fact be stable, happy, and strong. This was a total game-changer.

As was this message and directive from Ayahuasca herself: “Darling, you will bring thousands and thousands of people to this work.” Mission accepted.

Kat took on a shamanic apprenticeship that lasted a decade, drinking in hundreds and hundreds of plant ceremonies. She launched a well-known plant medicine blog in 2014, and formally began coaching people in the precarious aftermath and integration stages of plant medicine work, as well as those facing the truth about death. She has transformed into shamanic guide, a trusted mystical therapist, and a messenger for the plants. Kat is also a Master Level Reiki practitioner, has an English Degree from Loyola Marymount in LA, and won the National Council of English Teachers award as Best State Writer in Montana. You can find her blog, event schedule, coaching opportunities, and more, at www.afterlifecoach.com.

Now Published!

Kat’s first book Plant Medicine Mystery School Volume 1: The Superhero Healing Powers of Psychotropic Plants is now published and available on Amazon.

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