Looking Upside Down at N0thing

Looking Upside Down at N0thing

The Now Longer Lost Papers of Swami Blahblahananda

by Swami Blahblahananda

Looking Upside Down at N0thing is the third volume in the new series by Swami Blahblahananda, The Now Longer Lost Papers of Swami Blahblahananda. The first and second books in the series, The Triggership Connection and Chef Burgermeister, are set to be published during the summer of 2021. Sign up for our newsletter (bottom of this page) to be notified when they are released.


83 Pages | ISBN 978-1-7336011-2-2 | Swami Blahblahananda’s Bio

Look, we don’t have much time. You really need to get going on reading this book. You already picked up but didn’t yet answer the phone. As Miles Davis never even remotely said, when you get the message, hang up the phone.

From that empty cache of cheese on that lonesome prairie where Nothing Ever Even Happens, Swami B had finally heard the esoteric good news of the Now. All he had to do was look upside down at n0thing!

But it was so easy to forget, and forget he almost always did. And how could Swami share the oftimes cheesy news that it is always Now in that world of clown chefs, judge chefs, and everything in between? In a radically downside up world where Everyone will look at Everything but N0thing, he’s got his work cut out for him.

Watch as cannon balls splay lizards with eyes sewn shut into an encounter with the absent Adversary. Be still as bongs of mythical materials become archetypes for comically useless wisdom smoking itself silly. And through it all, let the contagious joy build as Swami B learns to love whatever whatevers him, not later, but right McFreakin’ Now.

“I never even remotely blurbed this book. But this guy is the Nolan Ryan of not-knowing.” ~Yogi Berra

“A self important teacher on the non dual scene. Swami is going nowhere in a hurry.” ~Yogananda

“Listen to these guys. Swami’s got a corazón the size of a burrito the size of your head.” ~St. Theresa

Reviews for Looking Upside Down at N0thing

    5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon India
    Amazing, Appalling, Far out!
    As said somewhere in the Nura Learning “PKD, VALIS AND PRACTICES OF ULTRA META-COGNITION” free webinar (google it!), there is a tipping point in every book, where one could experience oneself inevitably falling into the book, after a certain number of pages.

    I did fell into such a state reading “Looking Upside Down at Nothing” beholding “the chicanery of pure awareness being whatever it McFreakin’ wants” and “well stridulated humble life fragments” being “queerer than we McFreakin’ imagine.” The choice which is left is to simply “accept whatever whatevers you and love it McFreakin’ Now.” ~ Navaneet. J

    5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon USA
    A fun text of quasi-mysterious origins that induces a delicious state of not-knowing. Recommended for those who appreciate a good disruption (or obliteration) of mental processes-as-usual. ~ person