On MahaShivaRatri 2021: A Poem on Shi-va

On MahaShivaRatri 2021: A Poem on Shi-va

by Vidur Mishra (image of Adiyogi)

The fourteenth day of every lunar month or the day before the new moon is celebrated as Shivaratri (The Night of Shiva). Out of all the 12 Shivaratris, the one that occurs in Magha (Jan-Feb) or Phalguna (Feb–March) is the most spiritually potent. MahaShivaRatri (The Great Night of Shiva), the wildest and darkest night of the year, will be on 11th March(evening)/12th March (night), a night before New Moon.

Due to a very specific positioning of the northern hemisphere, there is a very powerful natural upsurge of Kundalini Shakti in the human system throughout this period. And, every single animal on this planet is aware of it too. Many great beings got enlightened on this night. Many chose to consciously shed their bodies on this night. It favors enlightenment and liberation like no other night. If one remains awake, totally still, and one-pointedly aware in a vertical spine posture throughout the night, tremendous possibilities open up. For you, your spine is the central axis of the cosmos. This very spine that binds and supports your system can be turned into Kalpavriksha (the Tree of Life) if you let it blossom fully. It can be turned into the Tree of Knowledge if you don’t disturb its receptivity. The only thing that stands between you and the Ultimate is you. The whole cosmos around this axis can open up if you keep your spine vertically straight throughout this whole night.

We celebrate Shiva on this night. Shiva is simply the wildest, rawest, purest, and most glorious being to have graced this planet thousands and thousands of years ago. Shiva is the most disciplined rogue. Shiva is the baddest outlaw. Shiva embodies all dimensions of existence and non-existence. Yoga, Tantra, and Sanatana Dharma (the most ancient and colorful mystical tradition) were formed based upon the most direct, sophisticated teachings and surgically precise techniques of Shiva. He directly transmitted everything in silence and experiential demonstration. He didn’t vomit dead formal models/arguments (noise) out of his mouth. He just showed. He just touched. And, when people couldn’t fathom his silence, he just reverberated in Ecstasy. And those “living reverberations” eventually became the core nodes (notes) in the Web of Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, and subsequently many other languages.

So, I wrote a little poem on Shiva using these reverberations along with one-liner English meaning in brackets for each word. I can write paragraphs on every single word used in this poem. But, that is not the point of these words. The meaning doesn’t matter much. If even a few of these “living words” come into full-blown direct experience, that is more than enough. You are set. Then, every breath is liberation. Every action is liberation. Nothing can touch you.

[Note “hi” in the poem is pronounced as “he” in English. “hi” roughly translates “is”/”is also.”]

Poem: Shi-va
Shiva hi Rudra (Cosmic “Roar” when Pure Potential bursts)
Shiva hi Nada (Cosmic Sound)
Shiva hi Mauna (Cosmic Silence)
Shiva hi Kala (SpaceTimeDeath & BlackEmptiness)
Shiva hi Siddha (Perfection)
Shiva hi Vishwa (Indivisible Whole, Universe)
Shiva hi Brahma (that which is)
Shiva hi Vishnu (that which pervades)
Shiva hi Shiva (that which is not)

Shiva hi Shankara (Destroyer of Ignorance, Doer of Intelligence)
Shiva hi Shambhu (Desireless Source of Bliss)
Shiva hi Rudraksha (Teardrops of Pure Bliss)
Shiva hi Bholenath (Pure Innocence, Simple Child)
Shiva hi Nandinath (Pure Patience, Lord of Patiently Still Cosmic Bull)
Shiva hi Gangenath (Lord of Cosmic Holy Flow River)
Shiva hi Vasukinath (Lord of Cosmic Self-Weaving Self-Eating Serpent)
Shiva hi Trilokinath (Lord of all Trinities, Master of Three Flows of Subtle Energy)
Shiva hi Somasundara (Fully Intoxicated yet Fully Alert Beauty like Moon)
Shiva hi Nataraja (Cosmic Dancer/Dance that Burns in Ecstasy)
Shiva hi Neelakantha (Blue-throated One who is immune to and purifies all poisons of Life)
Shiva hi Nageshwara (Master of Mountains, Snakes, Disembodied Beings, Non-humans)
Shiva hi Bhuteshwara (Master of Five Elements)
Shiva hi Chakreshwara (Master of All 114 Chakras)
Shiva hi Adi Yogi (First Yogi)
Shiva hi Sat Guru (Supreme Guru)
Shiva hi Maha Deva (Great God, Lord of all Lords)

Shiva hi Ardhanarishvara (One Embodiment of Masculine and Feminine in Perfect Equanimity)
Shiva hi HariHara (One Embodiment of Deep Sleep and Wide Wakefulness in Perfect Equanimity)

Shiva hi Netra (Eye)
Shiva hi Triambaka (All-Seeing Three-Eyed One)
Shiva hi Virabhadra (Utterly Fearless One)
Shiva hi Bhairava (Most Fearsome One)
Shiva hi Mrityunjaya (Great Conqueror of Death)
Shiva hi Moksha (Enlightenment)

Shiva hi Shakti (Energy/Power)
Shiva hi Bhakti (Devotion)
Shiva hi Shanti (Still Calmness and Peace)
Shiva hi Jnana (Knowledge, Insight, Seeing)
Shiva hi Veda (Source of Knowledge, Living Hymns of Knowledge)
Shiva hi Dvaita (Duality)
Shiva hi Advaita (Non-Duality, Not-Two)
Shiva hi Vedanta (End of Knowledge)
Shiva hi Purana (Ancient)
Shiva hi Sutra (String that threads all jewels in Cosmic Web)
Shiva hi Mudra (Ultimate Seal, Gesture that directs, harmonizes, and stills Flow)
Shiva hi Mantra (Mind-Protecting Sacred Utterance/Speech)
Shiva hi Yantra (Sacred Geometry)
Shiva hi Tantra (Esoteric Knowledge transmissible in only Sheer Naked Intimacy)
Shiva hi Chakra (Triangular Wheel that moves Energy from one Dimension to another)
Shiva hi Yoga (Union and Path to Union)
Shiva hi Prana (Alive Windy Force)
Shiva hi Hatha (Balance of Sun and Moon in Perfect Equanimity)
Shiva hi Bandha (Locker of Energy)
Shiva hi Kriya (Perfect Complete Technique)
Shiva hi Raja (King of Meditators)
Shiva hi Dhyana (Meditation)
Shiva hi Samadhi (Equanimous Intelligence, Climax of Meditation)

Shiva hi Jyoti (Light)
Shiva hi Andhera (Darkness)

Shiva hi Aum (Primordial Sound-Vibration, Sacred Root Syllable)
Shiva hi Namah (Salutation, Surrender, Act of Bowing Down)
Shiva hi Shivaya (Universal Pure Consciousness)

Shiva hi Tandava (Wild Frantic Dance of Destruction)
Shiva hi Yatana (Ruthless Torment of a few moments to burn Lifetimes of Karma)
Shiva hi Bhasma (Holy Ashes)
Shiva hi Karuna (Selfless Compassion)
Shiva hi Upaya (Skillful Means)
Shiva hi Rahasaya (Ultimate Mystery, All Mysteries)

Shiva hi Sankalpa (Unfettered Vow and Will)
Shiva hi Maya (Illusory, Sensory Play of Illusions)
Shiva hi Laya (Ultimate Absorption, Dissolution, and Rest)
Shiva hi Brahmacharya (Unfettered Conduct/Control over Self for Boundless Realization)

Shiva hi Mandira (Temple)
Shiva hi Ishwara (Object of Worship)
Shiva hi Prasad (Sweetest Offering to Worshipped and Worshipper)
Shiva hi Darshan (Ecstatic Vision of Embodied Truth in Inner Temple)

Shiva hi Yajna (Ritual)
Shiva hi Anna (Food)
Shiva hi Dana (Selfless Donation)
Shiva hi Vrata (Fasting)
Shiva hi Tirtha (Place of Pilgrimage)
Shiva hi Yatra (Journey)

Shiva hi Sharira (Body)
Shiva hi Kosha (Sheaths that make up physical, subtle, and quasi-non-physical layers of the Body)
Shiva hi Buddhi (Intellect)
Shiva hi Manas (Mind)
Shiva hi Ahankara (Identity)
Shiva hi Sat (Truth)
Shiva hi Chit (Consciousness)
Shiva hi Ananda (Bliss)

Shiva hi Surya (Sun)
Shiva hi Chandra (Moon)

Shiva hi Agama (that which has directly come down from the Source)
Shiva hi Nadi (Energy Channel/Flow)
Shiva hi Kundalini (Latently Coiled Serpent Energy)

Shiva hi Muladhara (Root of Existential Flowing Being)
Shiva hi Swadhisthana (Established Being)
Shiva hi Manipura (Bright Gem of Being)
Shiva hi Anahata (Unstruck Creative Being)
Shiva hi Vishuddhi (Pure Powerful Being)
Shiva hi Ajna (Commanding All-Seeing Imaginative Being)
Shiva hi Sahasrara (Thousand-Dimensional Rainbow Crown Being)
Shiva hi Brahmarandhra (Opening to Liberated Being)

Shiva hi Bhava (Bliss-Ecstatic) Samadhi
Shiva hi Savikalpa (With-Attributes) Samadhi
Shiva hi Nirvikalpa (No-Attributes) Samadhi
Shiva hi Sahaja (Spontaneous Effortless) Samadhi
Shiva hi Maha (Great Final) Samadhi
Shiva hi Jeeva (Living) Samadhi
Shiva hi Soruba (Immortal) Samadhi

Shiva hi Karma (Active Information)
Shiva hi Dharma (Active Code Law and Hack)
Shiva hi Sanatana (Eternal)

Shiva hi Jagruti (Waking)
Shiva hi Svapna (Dreaming)
Shiva hi Susupti (Deep Dreamless Sleep)
Shiva hi Turiya (Deep Sleep Awareness)
Shiva hi Atman (True Divine Self)
Shiva hi Brahman (True Divine Reality)
Shiva hi Samsara (Cyclical World of Finitude, Impermanence, Death and Rebirth)
Shiva hi Nirvana (Liberation from Samsara, Cessation of Samsara)
Shiva hi Rupama (Form)
Shiva hi Shoonya (Emptiness, Zeroness)

Shiva hi Nama (Divine Name, Any Name, All Names)
Shiva hi Shabda (Divine Word, Any Word, All Words)
Shiva hi Guna (Quality, Attribute, Form)
Shiva hi Saguna (All Qualities, Attributes, Forms)
Shiva hi Nirguna (Without Qualities, Attributes, Forms)

Shiva hi Bhagavan (God)
Shiva hi Gita (Song)
Shiva hi Krishna (Supreme Colorful Personality of Godhead)
Shiva hi Lila (Colorful Divine Spontaneous Play)
Shiva hi Vishvarupa (Cosmic All-Dimensional Infinite GodForm)

Shiva hi Naraka (Hell)
Shiva hi Svarga (Heaven)
Shiva hi Kailash (Cosmic Mountain that is Eternal Library of all Living Spiritual Knowledge)

Shiva hi Mukta (Free)
Shiva hi Akash (Empty Cognizant Space)
Shiva hi Vayu (Air, Gas, Wind, Dynamism)
Shiva hi Agni (Fire, Heat, Temperature)
Shiva hi Jal (Water, Liquid, Fluid, Cohesiveness)
Shiva hi Prithivi (Earth, Solid, Gross Physical)
Shiva hi Parada (Watery Silver Mercury)
Shiva hi Rasa (Wild Sweet Sap)
Shiva hi Amrita (Nectar of Immortality)
Shiva hi Bhuta (Element)

Shiva hi Bhugola (Earthly Sphere)
Shiva hi Linga (Cosmic Darkly Ellipsoid)
Shiva hi Brahmanda (Cosmic Celestial Egg)

Shiva hi Swayambhu (Self-Manifesting)
Shiva hi Sadyojata (Quickly Birthing)
Shiva hi Vamadeva (Most Pleasant)
Shiva hi Aghora (Beyond Terrible)
Shiva hi Tatpurusha (Supreme Presence)
Shiva hi Ishana (Lord of Grace)
Shiva hi Yamaraja (Lord of Death)
Shiva hi Dharmaraja (Lord of Truth)
Shiva hi Pashupati (Lord of Animals)
Shiva hi Purusha (Cause of Creation)
Shiva hi Prakriti (Nature of Creation)
Shiva hi Kaivalya (Ultimate Solitude)

Shiva hi Shristi (Creation)
Shiva hi Antah (Ending)
Shiva hi Ananta (Infinity, that which has neither beginning nor end)

Shiva hi Shakti (Energy/Power)
Shiva hi Bandhana (Bondage)
Shiva hi Mukti (Freedom)

Shiva hi Vidura (Intelligent, Wise, Skilled One)
Vidura hi Shiva

Sirf Sada Shiva hi hai (Only Shiva Alone Is)

Sada Shiva (Supreme Eternal Shiva)
Parama Shiva (Absolute Shiva)

No-thing is Shiva.
Shiva is that which is not.
There is nothing that is not Shiva.


  1. Upasana
    Upasana March 13, 2021 at 2:42 am .

    Beyond words!! Beautiful piece of your ecstasy!

  2. MJC
    MJC March 28, 2021 at 7:08 pm .

    Night of Light…

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