Manuscript Submissions

Manuscript Submissions

And what shall the Press press, and under what conditions shall it press its pressings?

Metanoia Press, sprouting from the noosphere, draws on the fundamentally collective and particular strengths of an editorial sangha. Boards are tedious! Give us sangha! Sangha is a Sanskrit word… meaning “association”, “assembly”, “company” or “community” Just ask the Wikipedia sangha!

Collective, the sangha will draw on the planet’s best and most diverse bards, sorceresses, scribes, magi, psychonauts and wiseacres to recruit and evaluate texts that will catalyze  all of us in this developmental process of waking up that is occurring even as you read this. Anamneusis, gnosis, moksha, dharmakaya, the kingdom of heaven, yes… metanoia is our way.

Particular, the editorial process will offer the best and most bodacious of these texts  rigorous, loving, and focused attention on your unique manuscript. We are looking for texts that help us radically grow awareness around the recursive and self aware nature of human experience. “Hurry up please, it’s time!” (T.S. Eliot)

The editorial process will consist of this: Surrender all of your concepts. Allow the logos to flow through your authorial aspect. Edit for translucence and deliciousness. Spare us your carefully informed hallelujahs for the latest findings of social science and Daddy’s brand new bag o’widget apps and the venture capitalists who drool over them. In other words, no TED talks masquerading as books… In fact, no TED talks!

Do Have Ideas. Do please allow diagrams and drawings to overtake you. Remember, you are writing scripts for the self awakening noosphere! Poetry, Foolosophy, mad polemic, joke books, service manuals for fantasmatic appliances, blueprints for impossible floating cathedrals – this is our jam.

And the noosphere needs its archaeology, too: Do you know of an old text that is out of print but needs some textual loving care in an introduction and a glossary? Is it public domain? Is it beautiful and luminous? Write that intro!

Edit your text again. Fix things. Make them funnier, clearer, and yet more bewildering. Share it with trusted, wise and diverse friends. Take their responses seriously, but not too seriously. Stick to your guns. Kill your darlings. See if your text heals anybody of anything. Give it a chance! Have dreams about possible covers.

Do please edit that text at least one more time, but don’t ruin it. Let it be!

We’ll let you know within a month or so, not much longer, if any of the sangha is interested in taking your work to the next level. That means peer review, video discussion, edits, the whole shebang of insightful scholarship, kind rigor, and mutual respect on this planetary school – you grok? We’ll email you the deets from there.