On Shiva, the SourcePotential

On Shiva, the SourcePotential

By Vidur Mishra (art by Android Jones)

In yogic-tantric tradition when we utter the sound “Shi-va,” we are referring to two matters. One is the Man, the Guru (Teacher). Other is the Source, the Potential.

One is Mister “that-which-is-not.” Another is the primordial “that-which-is-not.” As far as this planet is concerned, the man Shiva is the perfect organismic embodiment of the primordial SourcePotential. The SourcePotential contains all the possibilities: dimensions, portals, beings, worlds, and universes. The SourcePotential contains all infinities as pure potentialities. In the same manner, the man Shiva contains all kinds of organismic possibilities: abilities, faculties, skills, natures, and facets. The man Shiva contains all infinities as alive, throbbing beings. The man Shiva contains all infinities as manifold facets of each and every being.

First is the being named Shiva. He is Adi Yogi, meaning First Yogi. From where he comes, we do not know. Where was he physically born? We do not know. How was he physically born? We do not know. He is both human and non-human. And none of that. For he is that which is not. He is both from this Earth and beyond that.

On this planet, he is the one who majorly developed the science, practice, and various paths of Yoga: jnana (intellect), bhakti (devotion/love), karma (action), hatha (physical), kriya (energy), raja (meditation), tantra (esoteric-occult). He developed various permutations and combinations of asana, mudra, mahamudra, bandha, pranayama, mananam, nididhyasanam, dhyana, mantra, yantra, nada, japa, spandana, atma-vichara, etc. He developed these practices so that you can fully unlock your mind-body-energy system to break all kinds of mental and physical limitations. He developed these practices to burn fiercely like a fire. He developed these practices to naturally harness all the cosmos and creatures in it by forming an intimate “more-than-physical” relationship with them through the bare minimum door of your own natural mind-body-energy system, without going on mindlessly destroying nature itself to extract its resources and potentials. He developed this myriad of practices for liberation, bliss, and freedom. To step-by-step systematically make freedom, exploration, and direct experiential knowing available to all kinds of diverse beings, depending on their core unique quirks and affinities. Some of these practices can potentially grant you such mastery over your system that you can allow your karmic software (tangled heterarchies of subtle active information) to choose the womb, time, place for the next birth and shed your body (*die*) consciously, at your own leisure. Of course, all of this occurs under certain natural constraints. As long as we are physical, there are limits.

Second, the sound “Shi-va” refers to the pure, alive, and still void that is full of potential. This void is the source of the cosmos. Not only is it the source, but it is also the very womb within which the cosmos grows, nourishes, and happens. Not only is it the source or the womb, but this void is also the dissolver or destroyer of its own magnificent art. The nature of this void is timeless and spaceless. For, what we call “spacetime” emerges from this void. This void gives birth to time and all of its aspects: linear, non-linear, and cyclical. This void gives birth to formless space and all of its geometrical forms. This void is not a thing. It is also more than a mere process. For it is the mother of all processes. From it, all sorts of processes co-emerge. All manifolds unfold.

I called this void alive. But it is so much more than that. This void is also death. Truly larger than life, it is. This void is a living death. This void is always in the state of something like deep sleep awareness (turiya). It is deeply asleep (restful) yet wide awake (dynamic). It is deeply asleep yet totally aware. It has no eyes. But, if it were to, those eyes would be both open and closed at the same time.

This void is totally black. But it is also the source of light, the many forms of light, and all kinds of illumination. What we call a “black hole” is merely a tiny replica of this void. This void self-referentially replicates all black holes into existence. It also utterly destroys and dissolves them. Within its theatrical spaciousness, the dreams of all beings unfold and dissolve. Within its theatrical spaciousness, all beings unfold as dreams and forms of light. This void knows no birth. This void knows no death. This void gives birth to birth. This void gives birth to death. This void also gives death to death.

This void is single-pointed, that is, condensed to one absolutely intense pointless point, yet its infinite-in-length reaches are spread throughout and throughout all the possible dimensions and spaces of the cosmos at the same time. At once, it is the portal where all dimensions and beings meet and are born from to begin with; it is also the many destinations of all the portals.

This void has no shape or size, yet it is the source of all geometry. All elements, forms, structures, and fractals of structures emerge from this void. This void encapsulates all elements, forms, structures, levels, and dimensions within its one-pointed yet distributed net of spaciousness that is full of jewels of vitality. At the same time, this void is encoded in all those elements, forms, structures, levels, and dimensions. This void is encoded in every single one of its jewels.

This void is a Being that is larger than any being it gives birth to. This void is all beings. This void is the primordial unity that is the source of all beings. This void is the primordial unity that binds all beings. This void is a Becoming that is larger than a Being. This void is simply Being Itself that is more primordial than any and all Becoming.

What we call “mind” and “consciousness” also emerge from this void. By soaking all of your blood into pure consciousness, you can not only touch this void but be so deeply immersed in it that you will be purified into light itself. And this light will be further purified into absolute purity itself that this void is.

This void is so thoroughly empty yet fully cognizant.

This void is without any qualities and attributes. This void is the source of all qualities and attributes. This void’s quality-less quality is to give rise to all qualities and attributes.

This void is intensely silent, yet it roars in the hearts of all beings and celestial objects. This void is intensely silent, yet it vibrates in its primordial sound throughout all the interstellar spaces.

This void is full of intense energy that can be at once totally nourishing and destructive. Without taking any step, while being in a still stance, this void dances with boundless energy in all possible dimensions. In its dance, it gives rise to all the worlds and universes. In performing this dance, it creates and destroys. It destructively creates and creatively destroys. It also ecstatically celebrates its own performance. It is its own audience. This void is like a naive little child (bholenath). A very simple, intelligent, wise, clever, witty, and innocent child. At times, it gets terrified of its own performance. Yet, more than anything else, this void is absolutely mad. It is wild, wacky, and mad. It is wildly mad. It is a drunken mad that gets surprised and amazed by its own madness, potential, power, and intensity. It is supremely intelligent, but most times, its madness overshadows its own intelligence. In its pure primordial madness, it requires no purpose or reason for its dance. It is simply throbbing with all-powerful, all-knowing creative and destructive potential. It simply has got too much raw power, potential, energy, and intensity on its hands. And time is not a matter of worry for it. For this void is timeless, so it has eternity running on its watch. So, it simply plays itself. In its play, it simply has fun with itself. It stumbles. It grows. It learns. It burns.

It dissolves.

It dissolves its actual extensions back into its potentiality.

It dissolves itself into itself.

This void is infinite freedom.

This void is nowhere and now here.

This void is me. This void is you. I am Shiva. And so are you.


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