Plant Medicine Mystery School Volume I

Plant Medicine Mystery School Volume I

by Tina “Kat” Courtney


241 Pages | ASIN: B09L2PMM6Y | ISBN-13: 978-1-7336011-5-3 | Tina “Kat” Courtney’s Bio

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If you travel to an exotic land, it is best to go with a trusted guide.  If you want to journey to the sublime psychedelic universe that Ayahuasca and other psychotropic plants open up to us, it is wise to travel with someone who really knows the way. This wonderful book clearly shows that Tina Kat Courtney is such a guide. Authentic, curious and deeply awake. Enjoy the trip! ~Tim Freke, author of Soul Story

Just as corporations arrive to colonize psychedelics and their healing potentials, this book reminds us all to carry humility into the strange and expansive worlds opened up in relationship to sacred plants. Embracing the wisdom carried by indigenous lineages, this book is driven to address the serial crises unfolding across the planet with a sense of fierce love, drawing on insights gained through personal trials and transformations. It presents a vision of deep hope in our capacity to learn to care for ourselves and for one another in alliance with larger scale other-than-human forces. ~Neşe Devenot, author of Chemical Poetics: The Literary History of Psychedelic Science

Plant Medicine Mystery School Volume I takes a kaleidoscopic deep dive into the omnipotent, mysterious, and gloriously gorgeous world of psychotropic plant medicines. Penned by a seasoned Ayahuasca shaman, this book delves into the superpowers of plants, including Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis, Huachuma, Ayahuasca, Iboga, and many more. The plants themselves are the stars here, described in animated detail—not as objects, but as the sentient, wisdom-filled, playful beings that they are. There’s also ample info about how healing really happens, the merging of plant consciousness with human consciousness, the ancient art of protection and spiritual safety, and all the life-changing tools and insights that empower psychonauts and pilgrims to make the most of every ceremony and psychedelic journey. If you feel called to work with Plant Medicines in any fashion, your next dance into any psychedelic portal will be immeasurably enhanced and improved by the wisdom and real-world experience of darkness and light shared in this book.