Press Release: Ø by Joyce Cesario (free ebook)

Press Release: Ø by Joyce Cesario (free ebook)

by Trey Conner

“within the amoeba is a percolating history of jazz, she whispers to the air, wide-eyed caramel vibrance splayed naked across a smaller-than-single bed, right foot jiving to Mingus’ Moanin blasting on cheap speakers as old as her first heartbreak.” -(Ø page 26)

Metanoia Press announces and releases something that could ever plausibly follow the sublime Interference Patterns by Benny Lau. Another free ebook to stoke the embers of your very own Metanoia is nowhere else but now{here}: Ø by Joyce Cesario

Here’s what one of our Sangha Sez:

“My friends, what we have here is a “bibliomancer’s dream.” Here, Saraswati takes a power nap and snaps out of it as the One silence silencing. Get your book hooks into this here stitchery: find your slack in any tender trembling aperture. That Big Heart throbbing across all of the dimensions of a mega brain means instant karma syncopation is gonna get you and knock you back up on your feet, well soaked.  Cosmic fnord shards of shushed cacacophony whorl into one disco dancing undulating wordbody in the form of a healing cobbler even now bolting Kabir-mirror plates to the soles of your formerly soft shoes, enjoining you to slide, shuffle, and scratch crunchy rhythms of rapture right then and there  on your own sandy sidewalk.

Now listen, strike a turtle pose all the way down, freeze, and read aloud, and you’ll be hearing the sound of one Godel G string plucking, you will. Scattershot, well blown healing darts from every direction converge to bullseye in the eye wound of love, hitting you where you ain’t, like the thousand-armed Wee Willie Keeler of your diamond mind taking batting practice from a mad dog scullcap flower in strawberry hued endless Eleusinian fields.[1]

An atypical typographical tip-toe turnabout gently takes a rubber hose to your prose face, chutes upside down at nothing, and ladders like a backwards film of Bill Robinson meeting Paul Robeson, climb-gliding all the way back to that one and only perfection that you are. Fire in the hole!

Where are you N0w? Take another look and see. You forgot how fun it is to forget, when again you are always already remembering to remember these soundless righteously toasted oat supernovas of sentient flesh never heard or word before. You must fresh-ride these quantum choreographed chiral stairways on beyond personhood to the vast vast vast vastness on the other helical side of this and that, gliding. Watch in wonderment as the Word wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to you as you and as erry supposed other person, all amidst another trembling saintly seizure of the heart. Repeat.

Joyce Cesario’s Ø will catapult and well splay any willing bibliomancer, rhapsodomancy chancer, or supramental word dancer  into an unknowing  “knowing so total it undoes itself at the same moment of its being” (Ø page 23). Check some and see!”

[1] “I have already written a treatise and it reads like this: Keep your eye clear and hit ’em where they ain’t; that’s all.” – Wee Willie Keeler to Sportswriter Abe Yager in the Brooklyn Eagle

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