Rich Doyle & James RQ Clark Discussion Part #3

Rich Doyle & James RQ Clark Discussion Part #3

And we have a third magical installment of dialogues between author James RQ Clark and Metanoia Press publisher Richard Doyle! Take a dive… leave your comments below or directly in YouTube. Below the video player are reference notes. Enjoy!

We start off with talking about the Book of Nahum, one of the Minor Prophets (which is any prophetic book that’s not Isaiah, Jeremiah or Ezekiel).

6.00 For the full story of Absalom’s treachery and his execution see Bible Gateway passage: 2 Samuel 13-18 – New Revised Standard Version, Anglicised Catholic Edition

17.30 We talk about Kundalini and Rich refers to Gopi Krishna’s book Kundalini

20.55 We chat about the traditional Catholic understanding that the Scriptures can be read on several levels and mention the Catechism of the Catholic Church (see articles 116-118) Catechism of the Catholic Church – IntraText

37.00 We mention William James, the great American historian, and psychologist. His Varieties of Religious Experience remains a classic The Varieties of Religious Experience

42.45 And we are into Ayahuasca and mention Kat Courtney’s book (soon to be published by the Metanoia Press)

Rich also talks about Pablo Amaringo the Peruvian ‘ayahuasca artist’

57.30 James talks about the artist Paul Klee and that needs correcting – it was in fact Wassily Kandinsky who was so de-stabilised by the discoveries of modern physics. See Carl Jung’s Man and his Symbols (p 262) “Only a few artists realized the connection between their form of expression and physics and psychology. Kandinsky is one of the masters who expressed the deep emotion he felt at the early discoveries of modern physical research. “In my mind, the collapse of the atom was the
collapse of the whole world: Suddenly the stoutest walls fell. Everything turned unstable, insecure, and soft. I would not have been surprised if a stone had melted into thin air before my eyes…”

1.17.00 For Tom Holland, the British historian see here Tom Holland: Why I was wrong about Christianity

1.24.45 Rich mentions that Religious Studies is making a comeback at Penn State. This is a wonderful YouTube channel for those interested in delving deeper

1.33.50 In a conversation on baptism James mentions the Australian scholar David Tracey David Tacey

1.36.25 And finally we reference the great French thinker Rene Girard whose Violence and the Sacred is a classic.

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