The Genesis of Now: Self Experiments with the Bible & the End of Religion

by Richard Doyle

  • ISBN: 1733601104 & 978-1733601108
  • Publication Date: January 25, 2019
  • Format: Kindle & Paperback

The Genesis of Now: Self Experiments with the Bible & the End of Religion offers a series of self experiments that will enable you to discover the always available resource of the unchanging Now. Through guided focused attention on the structure, meaning and rhythm of biblical scripture, the genesis of the Now withers your own obsessions with self and tunes you in to larger realities in which you are enmeshed – nature, planet, cosmos, beyond. With practice, effects of this “word yoga” emerge that are too remarkable to occur simply by accident. The bards and scribes who composed these powerful scripts for hacking your own brain into discovering its own ability to tune itself may not have always known why their techniques worked, only that they did. Contemporary neuroscience suggests that through such practice in “non dual” experience – where past and future dissolve into the eternal Now – healing and insight occur. While writers such as Benny Shanon, Gordon Wasson and Michael Pollan point to the possibility that The Bible describes psychedelic states – the strangely insightful fruit in Eden, the burning bush of Moses, the practically heavy metal visions of Revelations – The Genesis of Now suggests that an attentive reading of The Bible can, in symbiosis with other practices or all by itself, alter your consciousness and allow for self healing through focused and loving awareness, right Now. 

“I cure with language. Nothing else.” Maria Sabina

“When you see a fork in the road, take it.” Yogi Berra

“If you are a disenfranchised Christian who left for reasons similar to mine, or if you are someone who never really understood some of the most important and well-known concepts in The Bible, the world’s best-selling and most published text, this book is for you.” Gary Weber

By trade, habit and labor of love, I am a teacher and a writer keen to enable others to find truth and heal on their own. I have been formally “at it” since 1987, when I began teaching as a graduate student at UC Berkeley. I think I can say definitively that I was a hot mess, and that I had no idea what I was doing. That experience of “not knowing” was precious, and I have been cultivating it for 30 years through diverse and sundry offerings at UC Berkeley, Duquesne University, free online teaching, and Penn State.

My moniker at PSU is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor in the College of Liberal Arts. It sounds bad ass. I have a very nice office at Penn State with a view of some beautiful trees. In the classroom I let go into truth and unusual things happen. Lovely, kind and very intelligent people continue to show up and grow, learn and transform, so I keep showing up, too. There have been courses on aliens, Philip K. Dick, nanotechnology, rebellion itself, ecstasy, Sanskrit rhetorical traditions, Burroughs, basic argumentation, The Non Dual Bible, and everything in between, if there is indeed anything between but the unchanging itself. That is one of the unusual things that seems to happen: The widespread emergence of an unchanging betweenness.

If you found your way here, you have an inkling of something. This self reflexive awareness of body/mind has been pulled along, prodded and pushed, by an inkling that there was a larger, funnier, more loving, weirder unchanging truth out there to be found. And I can say definitively that there is indeed such a truth to be found, but it can only be found by exploring the space between, within you. In 2002, I was healed of severe life long asthma with the help of ayahuasca and Norma Panduro, but the healing did not, does not, cannot, stop there.

If you seriously wish to encounter the unchanging truth at the heart of your apparent self and between all apparent things, and wish to be healed of whatever appears to ail you, then focus with all of your heart and might on that quest and drop me an email at You had better be able to laugh at yourself and be ready to let go of who you think you are. I offer free one on one teaching to those ready and willing to become free of who they have been so far. Who would you be without your suffering?