The Infoboros

The Infoboros

by Vidur Mishra


379 Pages | ASIN: B09FSPZ4R2 | ISBN-13: 978-1733601146 | Vidur Mishra’s Bio

Published September 8, 2021

The Infoboros shows recursion and information to be two different aspects of a unitary universal phenomenon. In the participatory feedback loop of observer and reality, recursion drives and regulates the flow of information, and information self-referentially triggers recursion.

The Infoboros is an information-eater. It is here to eat the strange loop of information that eats you. In a glorious tapestry woven from information theory, logic, quantum physics, neurophenomenology, linguistics, computation, and the contemplative science of Tantra, Vidur Mishra’s The Infoboros reminds us who and what we are, again. 

A provocative and original book on the problem of consciousness… written with flair that will draw readers to it. ~ Professor Subhash Kak, Author, Recursion and Reality

The Infoboros is a recursive trip down the rabbit hole inside the rabbit hole and Mishra is something like a scientist-poet for a new new age—a scientifically-literate age that appreciates metaphor and prose when it is used with the proper care. ~ Bobby Azarian, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Psychology Today Blogger, and Author, The Romance of Reality

While I wrangled with its ideas, my own became so much more clear. There are many different ways to interpret this remarkable work, my favorite being The Infoboros as the void making itself. ~ Jonah Babusci